Bringing out the GEMS in you

I have a confession to make. I’m really good at collecting input and tossing around ideas. I’m good at analyzing existing projects and improving them. What seems more challenging is focusing on my own project and getting it out there… Fascination Factor has been runnning for almost 2 years now, mostly under the radar. Yes, there was an official launch workshop and a number of one-on-one projects, but the idea was always to organise workshops as the main pillar of the business, yet somehow I keep postponing them.

So the question that I’ve been struggling with for the last few months, is what is really keeping me from putting myself out there and creating what I want? There always is something more urgent that needs attention, or one more seminar to attend, or one more book to read. The obvious answer seems to be that I still have the need to be perfect, that I still have this fear of not being good enough. Even after all these years of personal development!!! I should have moved beyond this a long time ago, right?

Well, no. I haven’t and that’s great. As Byron Katie would say, the only time we suffer is when we want reality to be different than it is. Fear probably never goes away, nor should it. Fear, or resistance, exists for a very good reason. Going after your dreams is scary, and nature doesn’t want you to do something scary – you could get hurt! The main function of our brain is to keep us safe, and no amount of willpower or “I can do this!” attitude can overcome this. Trying this route might in fact be very counter-productive.

I can go on about this for a long time, and I will, in future blogposts :-), but for now I want to share part of what I’ve been working on in this area. I think the key here is to stop focusing on the fear, on whatever is not working, and to start focusing on the little steps we can take now, and on what IS working for us. Based on what I’ve been researching and what I’ve been experimenting with to help myself move forward, I’ve bundled what I believe to be the key ingredients for going after your dreams and following your passion in the GEMS model.

GEMS stands for:

  • Genius – the first step is to get really clear on your strenghts and passion. You need to uncover your genius, because all the resources you need are within you.
  • Environment – this is the big secret… it’s impossible to do it on your own. Assembling a peer group or mastermind around you that supports you when you are stuck or discouraged, might be the biggest steppingstone to success.
  • Muscle – it helps to regularly do things that stretch you, so you train your mind and body to become used to this feeling, which will make it easier to go out of your comfort zone in your work too.
  • Sales & Marketing – how to get your message out. Knowing how to position and market yourself, and how to use the best online and offline tools that are available today, will help you go a long way.

This is what I’m using to realise my goals for 2014, and though the resistance is still there big time, I notice that applying and finetuning these elements makes a huge difference. This blogpost is one of my babysteps, and another step is the webinar I’m running where I will introduce GEMS in more detail. I plan to run webinars regularly, the first one is scheduled this Monday 10th of March at 20h CET.

I hope to see you in one of the upcoming webinars, or workshops 🙂 For now, please comment on how you experience resistance in your life, or post any questions that popped up about GEMS in the comments below! Love <3

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